Each school within the BET is responsible for its own admissions.  All current children and students will continue to have places at our schools. Our admissions policies have remained unchanged after conversion to academy status. The Trust is committed to a continuing policy of open admission to its schools without selection or discrimination on grounds of pupils' academic abilities, other abilities or aptitudes or (for example) financial or other personal or family circumstances.

For new pupils and students, our schools operate the same admissions policies as for the local authority schools that they replace. We are committed to the education of students on a comprehensive basis in a local school.

The admission number for entry is published on each school’s website.  Places at each school will be considered under the equal preference system.  If more applications are received than an individual school’s published admission number (“oversubscription”), then that school’s Governors’ Admissions criteria will operate - please refer to each individual school's website for specific details.

In-year applications

If you wish to make an in-year application for admission to one of our schools, you will need to submit an application via Surrey County Council.  You will need to complete Surrey’s centrally managed application form which can be located by following this link –