Human Resources

The Bourne Education Trust delivers a high quality HR service which enables each school to provide its staff with the most effective working conditions and its pupils an environment in which to achieve the best outcomes.

Under the remit of the Trust’s Chief Operating Officer, we offer:

  1. Access to our commercial HR consultants – Peninsula Business Services
  2. Audit of HR practices, processes and systems
  3. Equality and diversity guidance and training
  4. HR consultancy covering:
  •  Attendance, capability, disciplinary and grievance procedures
  •  Bespoke training
  •  Change management, staffing reviews and restructuring
  •  Policies
  •  Recruitment and retention of staff
  •  Safeguarding
  1. Mediation to resolve workplace issues
  2. Strategic and operational HR support
  3. Updates on employment and education legislation

If you require more information please contact Debbie Nixon, executive PA: