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Headteacher Designate's Welcome

Cutouts540Welcome to Hopescourt School - a new all-through specialist school opening in Walton on Thames, which we are planning to open in September 2024. My name is Alex Burrows and I am the new Headteacher of Hopescourt School. I am very proud to be opening the first specialist free school within the Bourne Education Trust.

I believe that I am uniquely placed to build this new specialist school in the heart of the community. With over 18 years of experience working within the field of special educational needs, I have a passion for breaking down barriers for those who find access to education challenging. I have worked within both primary and secondary settings and also had the benefit of working directly for a local authority. I believe this provides me with the holistic viewpoint that is needed to lead and drive forward the development of Hopescourt School.

I have also been fortunate enough to be involved in the development of a new school. This gave me the experience of developing and defining a school culture with strong outcomes for young people at its heart. I want to provide an aspirational environment where learners can access specialist support alongside a range of subject expertise. My experience in mainstream schools will enable me to maintain these high expectations around a rich and aspirational curriculum.

I am delighted to be the Headteacher of the proposed new school. A school that will look to break down barriers for learners and ensure that opportunities are expanded. I believe that every child has the potential to thrive when placed in the right setting. No child should ever have a glass ceiling placed on them and every child should have opportunities to reach their full potential, regardless of their disability or special educational need.


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