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BET Reads

In the autumn of 2022 the Trust launched BET Reads to develop a shared vision for reading across all schools; a set of shared principles, understood by all but implemented with the needs and context of individual schools in mind.

Through a shared vision and a common approach we aim to ensure there is no lottery in terms of exposure and quality of reading provision and as a result all BET pupils leave our schools as readers for life.

Strategic aims:

  • To develop a vision and shared approach for reading across all schools in the Trust which is evidence based and collaborative
  • To develop The BET Reads Strategy, which is embedded across the Trust, understood by all schools and has measurable, long-term impact
  • To look at practice within and beyond the Trust to identify best practice and areas for development to feed into a Trust wide reading provision map
  • To develop common reading lines of enquiry to incorporate into all Quality of Education Reviews
  • To conduct reading deep dives in schools as required and support schools with the leadership of reading, where needed
  • To consider how reading can be benchmarked and measured with a particular focus on those children not meeting milestones e.g. end of key stages 1, 2 and 3
  • To review reading interventions across the Trust to ensure they have impact and close the gaps identified
  • To review the resources used for reading to ensure they have impact and provide value for money
  • To co-ordinate primary and secondary reading leads as a group of excellent practitioners who feel supported and developed to champion reading across the Trust
  • To facilitate, co-ordinate and develop Trust-wide reading CPD.

Read the BET Reads 22-23 Progress Report here.

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