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BET Listens

Welcome to the BET Listens Podcast Series - a thought-provoking collection of six episodes, each focusing on a critical topic affecting schools and education today.

Our hosts and expert guests engage in insightful conversations, offering unique perspectives, practical advice, and thought leadership that educators, parents, and anyone interested in the future of education will find invaluable.


In this episode, we are joined by Rachel Owens, Headteacher of St George’s School in Weybridge, a leading independent school and Lord Andrew Mawson, CEO of Wellnorth Enterprises, a social enterprise organisation to explore how we can learn from organisations both within and beyond education and what opportunities our students might benefit from if we were more outward facing.


In this episode, we are joined by Chris Goodall, BET’s Head of Digital Education, and Lucien Bowater, CEO of Schools Online, to unravel the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.

We discover how AI is currently reshaping classrooms and what excites our experts about its potential impact on schools. We also explore how AI can elevate teaching and learning and potentially bridge educational gaps; delving into the prospect of AI addressing industry challenges, the ethics surrounding this and preparing for a future where AI seamlessly integrates with education.


In this episode of BET Listens, we are joined by Alex Russell, BET CEO; Nadine Bernard, Headteacher of Van Gogh Primary and CEO of Aspiring Heads and Wesley Lewin, Diversity and Inclusion Learning & Advisory Manager at Sky. Together, we explore the importance of EDI in education and belonging, envisioning truly inclusive school communities, measuring progress, and tackling challenges. We also learn from Nadine's success in fostering an inclusive culture and Wesley's insights on what education can glean from the private sector. The podcast addresses the evolving landscape of EDI and its future in education and industry. Join us for an insightful conversation on creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

BET LISTENS EPISODE 4: BEHAVIOURIn this episode of BET Listens, we are joined by Mark Finnis from L30 Relational Systems and Ros Allen, Executive Headteacher at Rosebery School. Together, we explore the pressing question of whether behaviour approaches and policies are fit for purpose in our post-COVID world.

BET LISTENS EPISODE 5: PUPIL PREMIUMIn this episode of BET Listens, we are joined by Marc Rowland from Unity Schools Partnership and Sally Brooks, Executive Principal at Fulham Cross School. Together, we explore the complexities of Pupil Premium, questioning its efficacy, and if there needs to be a more nuanced approach.

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