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We believe that collaboration, openness and innovation are key in providing the best opportunities for our community. Adapting to change, sharing what works and what doesn’t and thinking innovatively have all been key characteristics of  successful  schools during the last few years of national turbulence. Discussions around ‘what works’ in teaching and learning have never been as frequent or as  meaningful.   

To galvanise this, BET launched a think tank in September 2021 called BET Futures. This brought together practitioners (including teachers, IT technicians, learning support assistants and administrators) to discuss the latest thinking in education forums, to complete research and to share their findings with one another.

Whilst there is a huge amount of existing research available in the educational sector, it does not always translate into practice ‘on the ground’. BET Futures aims to shrink the gap between research and practice. 

Our Aims

BET Futures serves four purposes:  
1. Positions the Trust as an organisation whose ethos is to transform schools, but is also innovative, evidence led and committed to the best outcomes for our pupils.    
2. Improves the offer for all of pupils by reviewing and sharing what works internally but also from other schools and research groups such as the EEF and NFER.
3. Influences the Trust’s priorities, policies and in-school CPD offer to ensure it reflects the latest thinking and really challenges our staff.  
4. Ensures we retain excellent practitioners who may not wish to progress via leadership roles. They will gain a breadth of experience and network outside of their school. This could link to bringing greater impact and profile to projects which are completed via, for example, NPQs on Leading Teaching. 

Our research areas and impact

During 2022-23, BET Futures explored three questions:
1. How can technology be best harnessed educationally and operationally? Click here to read our blog summarising the findings.
2. How can we guarantee all BET pupils have the same opportunities beyond the curriculum? Click here to read our blog summarising the findings.
3. How do we ensure our pupils are learning to behaveClick here to read our blog summarising the findings.

Findings were shared with headteachers and the BET board at a summer event with researchers presenting their ideas and recommendations.

During the 21-22 academic year, BET Futures answered three big and important questions:
1. Is our curriculum fit for the demands and challenges of 21st century life? How can we best respond educationally to the challenges of, for example, COVID, climate change, Black Lives Matter and Everyone’s Invited? Click here to read our blog summarising the findings.
2. How can technology be best harnessed educationally and organisationally? How do we ensure our pupils have the competitive edge in the future in terms of technological skills? Is our organisation as efficient as it could be? If remote education continues to advance at the pace the last eighteen months has shown, should teaching ever revert to how it was pre-COVID? Click here to read our blog, summarising the findings.
3. How can we tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils at transition points? Click here to read our blog summarising the findings.

How to get involved

The BET Futures 2023-24 launch is on the 4th October at 3.30pm to explain more and and agree the research questions for this year. These will be around the following themes:

  1. Technology, including the opportunities and challenges posed by AI.
  2. The inclusive curriculum.
  3. Sustainability in our environment and curriculum.  

If you would like to sign up to take part, please discuss this with your headteacher and then click on the form here.

If you are interested in learning more about BET Futures, please email Penny Alford, Chief Education Officer:


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Latest Tweets

@BourneTrust - Sep 25
Today our chair, Sara Lipscombe steps down after a remarkable 10 years in office. Read Sara's message here:
@BourneTrust - Sep 25
As part of the Hopescourt School consultation, we will host our first community event on Thursday 28th September from 4.45pm at Heathside School Walton. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at these events.#youropinionmatters
@BourneTrust - Sep 25
Today our chair, Sara Lipscombe steps down after a remarkable 10 years in office. Read Sara's message here:
@BourneTrust - Sep 22
It was fabulous to see our students collect their certificates at our Prizegiving last night.More photos will be included in our Weekly Newsletter.Thank you to Mark Alford, Director of Sky Sports News for presenting the gifts.
@BourneTrust - Sep 18
We would like to hear from all interested parties as part of our 6 week consultation on Hopescourt School - a new specialist free school (proposed location - Walton upon Thames). For further information please visit:
@BourneTrust - Sep 14
Amazing to have Paddy and Rowan meeting the children this week - can’t wait to have them here every Tuesday supporting our children
@BourneTrust - Sep 14
Yesterday, we were lucky enough to experience a VR workshop to enhance our topic understanding to immerse us in our writing - here are Y6 experiencing Chichen Itza!
@BourneTrust - Sep 14
Are you passionate about education and committed to making a positive impact on the lives of young people? If so, we have a number of exciting opportunities for you. To view our vacancies please visit:
@BourneTrust - Sep 11
It’s back! The Matthew Arnold weekly newsletter. Our first issue includes a warm welcome from our Headteacher, Mrs Ruse. We would also like to extend our welcome to Mrs Ruse and look forward to getting to know and work with her. Read the latest here🔗
@BourneTrust - Sep 11
BET pupils in year 5 and upwards from our Chertsey, Addlestone, Woking, Surrey Heath and Hampshire schools. Have you entered the Tim Spencer Award competition yet? The deadline is the 13th September.
@BourneTrust - Sep 7
Well, sun, I suppose better late than never! 🌞 Our students enjoying lunch under our swish canopy, on our brand new benches
@BourneTrust - Sep 7
We have had a makeover! Bright new paint, updated interiors, new intervention spaces and improved outdoor facilities such as canopies outside the classrooms to make sure our children have the best learning environment possible.
@BourneTrust - Sep 7
Well done to the pupils !
@BourneTrust - Sep 7
Wow! 💥 please take a look at all of the new additions that we have to our building at Teddington School. All of these pictures were taken during period 2 today whilst students were learning a variety of subjects 💫 🤫
@BourneTrust - Sep 7
WELCOME BACK Teddington School! We are so happy to welcome our Y7 students. Everyone looking incredibly smart in their blazers! ⭐️Please do not panic, they were able to take them off in this heat 😅 Here’s to a very successful academic year!
@BourneTrust - Sep 7
I had a fantastic day spent with all staff at exploring restorative and relational based practice. I can’t wait to be back for day two next month ⭕️
@BourneTrust - Sep 5
Welcome back to all our staff, pupils and their families, those new to our school and those returning to us. We wish you every success this year!
@BourneTrust - Aug 25
🎉😄 What an amazing journey it’s been with our incredible Year 11s! We’re absolutely worn out from all the laughing, smiles, and celebrations we shared with them receiving their results this morning. 🎓🌟#CHSSuccess
@BourneTrust - Aug 25
Celebrating GCSE results day ✨
@BourneTrust - Aug 25
Congratulations to all our year 11 students of 2023 on your GCSE results today! We are incredibly proud of all you have achieved! You have worked so hard and we wish you all the success with your next steps! 💙
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