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BET Futures

BET Futures is the think tank arm of Bourne Education Trust. Launched in September 2021, it looks to draw on existing research and best practice and produce its own findings to ensure our schools are innovative, impactful, efficient and exciting places to learn and work.

All members of staff, regardless of whether they sit on the education or business side of the organisation, can join a research project and participate in a research team. This brings together practitioners at different phases and levels in the organisation to discuss the latest thinking in education forums, complete research and share their findings with one another. BET Futures formalise, scales up, publicises and prioritises what is working best in our Trust and beyond.

During the 21-22 academic year, BET Futures answered three big and important questions:

1. Is our curriculum fit for the demands and challenges of 21st century life? How can we best respond educationally to the challenges of, for example, COVID, climate change, Black Lives Matter and Everyone’s Invited? Click here to read our blog summarising the findings.
2. How can technology be best harnessed educationally and organisationally? How do we ensure our students have the competitive edge in the future in terms of technological skills? Is our organisation as efficient as it could be? If remote education continues to advance at the pace the last eighteen months has shown, should teaching ever revert to how it was pre-COVID? Click here to read our blog, summarising the findings.
3. How can we tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of our students at transition points? Click here to read our blog summarising the findings.

The experiences of the last few years have demonstrated the real power of collaboration and learning from one another. Lockdown has accelerated both cultural and systemic changes in the Trust, many of which are positive and to be retained. Adapting to change, sharing what works and what doesn’t and thinking innovatively have all been key characteristics of successful schools during Coronavirus, and discussions around ‘what works’ in teaching and learning have never been as frequent or as meaningful. Whilst there is a huge amount of existing research available in the educational sector, it does not always translate into practice ‘on the ground’. BET Futures aims to shrink the gap between research and practice.  

For this academic year we are trying to answer these big questions:

1. How can technology be best harnessed educationally and organisationally? 
2. How can we guarantee all BET students have the same opportunities beyond the curriculum?
3. How do we ensure our pupils are learning to behave?

If you are interested in learning more about BET Futures, please email Penny Alford, Chief Education Officer:

Latest Tweets

@BourneTrust @teddingtonschl - Mar 14
We’ve had a great start to Science Week 2023 🧪 🧬 Celebrations today have included an assembly from the National Physical Laboratory and lunch time sessions exploring solid carbon dioxide!🧫✨
@BourneTrust @Twickenhamsch - Mar 14
Staff, students and parents describe Twickenham School in one word. What word would you use to describe Twickenham School?
@BourneTrust @ECABasingstoke - Mar 14
In light of music appreciation week. Year 7 choir performed with Hampshire Music Service last week at the Anvil Theatre as part of their show, My Voice, Our Song. They performed incredibly well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
@BourneTrust @teddingtonschl - Mar 9
Careers Fair 🎉 All students spent time talking to universities, local businesses and large industries about the different sectors that exist and the different skills needed in each industry. Thank you to everyone who came to speak to them! 🧩
@BourneTrust @TMA_School - Mar 9
What a fantastic morning with Harriet and Alick from showing us the amazing opportunities within the construction industry.Thank you for a fun session this morning as part of our careers week and also getting to know you in our local community
@BourneTrust - Mar 8
This International Women's Day we celebrate our community where women and girls feel empowered to forge change
@BourneTrust - Mar 7
We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in 4 categories in this year's MAT Excellence Awards, including MAT of the Year!
@BourneTrust - Mar 3
World Book Day 2023! Read more about the creative ways we have celebrated this week!
@BourneTrust @teachsoutheast - Feb 28
We are excited to announce our Recruitment Fair on Thursday 16th March 📣📣 It’s a great opportunity for those interested in teaching to hear more about the profession, the different routes, the training program and our interview process. Zoom Link:
@BourneTrust - Feb 28
To mark National School Governors Awareness Day, we would like to thank our Members, Trustees and Governors for their hard work and commitment to support the children and young people in the schools across the Bourne Education Trust.
@BourneTrust @JubileeCareers - Feb 22
Really excited to have students at the University of Reading today .
@BourneTrust @Woodmansternesy - Feb 22
We are celebrating today, which encourages children to celebrate friendship and raises awareness of issues faced by young women and girls. This year the theme is 'The Environment and Climate Change'.
@BourneTrust @ASPHFT - Feb 20
At St Peter’s Hospital’s recent open day, 60 children from (BET) were given a showcase of the Trust’s immersive technology, used for training, as well as a taste of NHS careers. It was an engaging and interactive day for everyone involved!
@BourneTrust @teddingtonschl - Feb 10
🎭 Y10, 11, 13 students tread the boards at The Lyric Theatre performing a response to Othello on the main stage ✨
@BourneTrust @Twickenhamsch - Feb 10
Well done to our Year 9 Master Learners in Maths who took part in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge this week.
@BourneTrust - Feb 9
Congratulations who received Guildford Golf Club's charity of the year award. A special mention must also go to the students who were fantastic ambassadors for their school and the Trust!
@BourneTrust @PyrcroftGrange - Feb 9
An amazing morning with Y4 sharing their exhibition with their parents of artwork created alongside
@BourneTrust @schoolsallexcel - Feb 8
and panel members explain their collaborative moral ethos...fostering strategies for collaboration with all our school Heads, Trust leaders, Teaching School Hubs...collaboration is happening in Surrey and we want to do more together.
@BourneTrust @schoolsallexcel - Feb 8
Great to hear from our local leaders as they share their experience of collaboration within and between organisations. Locality collaboration. Improvement for all. Partnership ethos and framework is key.
@BourneTrust - Feb 8
Today BET Chief Education Officer, Penny Alford joins the Leadership Conference as a panellist discussing how excellence can be achieved through collaboration
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