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Curriculum Approach

Hopescourt School's curriculum approach - inclusion for all

Collaboration - working in partnership

Often education works in silos. Hopescourt School is committed to working in collaboration with other schools to ensure the best interests of the child are at the centre of every decision. We are committed to deliver a well-planned, bespoke and appropriate inclusion offer that draws on the best of both sectors.

We will also establish strong partnerships with families to support them to maintain their wellbeing at home and in the wider community.

We intend to build and sustain strong and trusting relationships between staff, individual pupils and their families in order that pupils can successfully access their education.

A holistic and in depth understanding of need

Pupils will use psychoeducation to develop an understanding of their diagnosis, strengths and needs.

There will be a clear programme developed to teach, break down and support pupils’ social communication, social understanding and independence to secure an emotional literacy that allows them to thrive academically.

Hopescourt School is committed to building an exciting and creative climate for learning within a safe, supportive yet appropriately challenging environment that is flexible and responsive to individual needs.

Hopescourt School will provide a range of curriculum offers. We recognise that the complex needs of the child will mean that acknowledgement must be made to the individual pace of the learner and that the breadth of what individual pupils need is beyond that of the National Curriculum. We envisage that the curriculum, whilst highly aspirational and challenging, must be personalised to everyone's starting points.

High expectations

Hopescourt School will acknowledge and celebrate the needs of pupils whilst also being highly ambitious about individual academic achievement and outcomes.

We want to ensure that students leave Hopescourt confident, self-aware and academically successful.

We have an ambition to show that integrated, cross phase collaboration drives up standards, challenges traditional thinking, brings fresh perspectives and offers children with special educational needs the best that our profession can offer.

Creating innovative and dynamic climates for learning

Hopescourt School will use learning spaces creatively, including the outside area, to enhance the impact on our pupils.

We want our pupils and staff to be proud to be part of our Hopescourt School community, and for that pride and sense of belonging to translate into their learning and the environment within which the learning takes place.

The use of outside space to broaden the curriculum offer and create a dynamic climate for learning. Lessons will take place outside where possible and pupils will use the environment to learn new skills and make concrete connections with the curriculum.

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