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School Improvement

The Trust has an impressive record of rapid school improvement. It has supported six schools in coming out of special measures and a further five from moving from ‘RI’ to ‘good’. These have all been achieved in short time scales and supported not only a transformation of each school’s ethos but also by significant improvement in exam results.

Our favoured approach is to work with a school ensuring that there are effective leaders and quality practitioners in place to bring out rapid, sustained and effective improvement. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils can attend a good school.

Under the remit of the CEO, Alex Russell, who is also a national leader of education we offer:

  1. Appraisal for headteachers and leadership reviews
  2. Bespoke training, support and guidance on all aspects of the curriculum (including curriculum reviews)
  3. Coaching and mentoring
  4. NQT training, support and accreditation
  5. Professional partnerships
  6. Pupil premium (DAP) reviews
  7. Review of governance
  8. Teaching and learning reviews
  9. Safeguarding reviews.

The Trust has a proven track record of improved results and closing the gap in all schools that it has worked with. This has been brought about through a relentless drive on improving the quality of teaching and pupils’ attitude to learning, all supported by having an effective and relevant curriculum is in place.

If you require more information please contact Kayley Bell, Trust PA:

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