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Section 10 Consultation

Under the Academies Act 2010, before the Secretary of State enters into any funding agreement with Hopescourt School we must carry out a consultation on the question of whether such an arrangement should be entered into.

Our 6 week consultation is now live and runs until the 22nd October 2023.


We would like to hear from all interested parties, both in the immediate area where we propose that Hopescourt School will be sited, and in the surrounding areas from where future Hopescourt pupils may travel. 

We want to listen to your comments and act on any feedback to ensure our school best meets the needs of future pupils and their families, those in the community and others with an interest.

You can give us feedback in a number of ways:

We will record all views that are shared with us during the formal consultation window, which runs between 11th September 2023 and 22nd October 2023.  This feedback will be reviewed, analysed and consolidated into a final report that will be provided to the Secretary of State and will be available to view on our website. 

Your feedback will help to inform the Secretary of State for Education’s decision whether to enter into a funding agreement with Bourne Education Trust to open Hopescourt School.

If you would like to hear more about how you can support us, please do get in touch:

Alex Burrows, Headteacher Designate


Yola Wilkins, Head of Business Development



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